CHA Medical Group’s CHA Fertility Centers, with the Gangnam CHA Medical Center as its base, are located in various places both domestically (CHA Fertility Center Seoul Station, Bundang CHA Women’s Hospital, Gumi CHA Medical Center, Daegu CHA Women’s Hospital, etc.) and internationallly (LA CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center etc.), making up a broad global network.

CHA Fertility Center is a leader within the Pacific Society for Reproductive Medicine, one of the world’s top three medical academic organizations in reproductive medicine. CHA has established itself as a pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine through innovative ideas and research, and development has continued to strengthen its status as premier global health care group.

Research Center
  • Chaum Global Stem cell Research Center
Medical Center
  • LA CHA Hollywood Presbyterian
  • Greater China Chaum and IVF Centers
  • Korea Bundang CHA Medical Center
    Gangnam CHA Medical Center
    Chaum Medical Center
Projected Site
  • HAWAII Rehab-Focused Chaum Center
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Middle East