Fertility Check-up Program

Single people who want to test their fertility by checking their ovarian age,and/or their semen analysis, etc. Through these tests we can diagnose and prevent the cause of any problems you may have in your fertility health.

20대엔 佳姙力 - 아름다운 임신을 위한 준비, 30대엔 可姙力 - 올바른 임신을 위한 준비, 40대엔 加姙力 - 임신 능력치 향상을 위한 준비

What makes CHA Fertility Center at Seoul Station different?

  • 1 World class fertility treatment
  • 2 Team of IVF specialists
  • 3 Fast referral system based on check-up results
  • 4 Regular check-up system for the reproductive potential
  • 5 Early diagnoses and treatment

Who is eligible for Fertility Check-up?

  • 학생

    Able to identify hormonal status of young students through early screening for a healthy life in the future

  • Check the condition of hormones and reproductive organs for preserve fertility for a healthy life

  • 여

    Check the health of hormones andreproductive organs related to pregnancy before marriage for a healthy child in the future

Who is eligible for Fertility Check-up?