Is your sperm/oocyte healthy?2018.11.13

Is your sperm/oocyte healthy?

As the social interest and anxiety about the infertility increase, the number of single men and women who are visiting to fertility clinics to grasp their reproductive ability is increasing. Because of the difficulty of recovering fertility once it has decreased, the consensus to detect and treat the negative influences early on is growing.

CHA Fertility Center Seoul Station, opened the “Fertility Check-up” clinic in May, the first to be introduced in Korea. In the 20s, women with early menopausal symptoms or men with history of genital surgery visit for the Check-up. Men who are in the marital age group, mostly in 30~38 years of age, and also women who are in their mid 30s to 40s visit the hospital to check their fertility. For female patients, ovarian age test which detects estimated leftover eggs in the ovaries, female hormone test, uterus and ovarian ultrasound is conducted. Men are tested for hormones and semen tests to find the cause of poor reproductive function.

If the results reveal any factors that may cause adverse effects on the pregnancy through the screening, medication or surgical treatment is conducted and oocyte freezing or sperm freezing may be considered for preservation of fertility. A Fertility Check-up at CHA Fertility Center Seoul Station is strongly recommended for those who are expecting to get married, female students with menstrual irregularities, career women and men without immediate marriage plans but would like to preserve their fertility for the future, men in their 20s~30s who are curious to check their reproductive ability, and to those who have never visited the gynecologist and urologist before.

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