37 Egg Bank (Egg Freezing)

Egg freezing is a medical procedure that involves cryopreservation of oocytes at a younger age to enhance the possibility of future pregnancy.

The need for egg freezing and banking has increased as greater numbers of women enter the workforce and the age of marriage and childbearing is increasing. A woman’s fertility decreases steadily as she ages, with a drastic drop starting after age 37, reducing her ovarian function greatly and the likelihood of pregnancy at later ages.
Egg freezing will allow a higher pregnancy rate in the future using previously frozen eggs.

The advantages of oocyte banking at CHA Medical Center
Slush Nitrogen (SN2) Vitrification

Vitrification is the extremely rapid freezing to prevent the development of intracellular crystals, leading to preservation of oocytes with little to no damage.

Cutting-edge Long-term Storage System

Our liquid nitrogen steam is capable of storing oocytes without damage for a long term, offering high rates of successful pregnancy using top-quality cryogenic technology and the best-quality frozen oocytes.

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    Visit the Fertility Center
    Physician consultation

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    Fill out required forms Guidance

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    ID verification and oocyte retrieval
    (ID required)

  4. 04

    Oocyte freezing and banking

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    Visit the Fertility Center
    Result consultation

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    IVF Consultation and decision on extending storage